Tuesday, February 15, 2011

fab in february: week two

oops! i forgot to do this post yesterday! i guess i won't be putting down "great memory" as one of the wonderful things about myself! but, i feel like i could get a little of a break, considering the weekend that we had...because really, i do feel like i have a good memory! anyways, those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, here it is...hope and melissa have started a tradition that every monday in february, you come up with three wonderful attributes about yourself. here are my three this week...

1. i am a great cook. growing up, i loved watching my mom cook. she is the best cook i know...better than most restaurant chefs. she would make these elaborate meals and would spend hours on them. of course, we hated them as a child, because they weren't grilled cheese or kraft macaroni. but now, i sure do love a family meal at mom and dad's. i learned how to cook from my mom...and it's not anything you can get out of a cookbook. like my mom, i can put together a great meal from what is in the fridge. i never measure, rarely consult cookbooks, and usually know what to add to make something better. so far, my kids agree that i am a good cook. we'll see how they feel in a few years!
my fridge
2. i have a knack for putting odd pairings together. this is one of the reasons we started the "new loves and old friends" posts. i love to pair things together that you would never guess look good together. and not just with clothing. i love to decorate this way, too. some old victorian painting next to some 50s cat figurine. my house is full of odd pairings like this, and i love it.
my daughter's room

3. i am crafty. i love a good craft. i wish i had more time to do all the things i would like to. i am constantly pulling out pages from country living or martha stewart maganzines. i have a file box full of crafts that i want to do. time and patience don't allow me to do them all. i have always said i have an overabundance of patience for people, but when it comes to a craft...it needs to be able to be finished in a matter of hours. this is why i don't knit or quilt. i need a finished result! but, when i put my mind to it, i can craft a few pretty cute things!

our mantle with the family's silhouettes

so there you have it. three more things. what about you? what are you amazing at? what do you love about yourself? think about it...i bet you can come up with at least three things!

megan bird

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  1. Megan, I love these AND the pictures that go along with each. It's gives a great visual of your positives! :)