Monday, February 21, 2011

fab in february: week three

hope and melissa have started a tradition that every monday in february, we come up with three wonderful attributes about ourselves. it's a great idea...pushing people to think about the good and not the bad. here's my week three reasons that i rock!

1. i'm a great business woman. nora and i have been running two birds for a couple of years now. it's a very small-scale business, but we do a very good job at running it. we have managed to get a great following from pure grass-roots advertising. we haven't once paid for advertising, yet somehow we have managed to get our name out there. we are both great in all aspects of the, styling, finances and most importantly, being laid back about it. i think the most important thing about two birds and it's a date is that we are all very laid back and open to suggestion, while still being strong. you don't need to be a dictator to be a leader, and i think that nora and i both are very good at that part of the business.
2. i'm stubborn. most people don't consider this a good trait. i do. i think the reason it's a good trait is because while i am stubborn, i am also very good at compromise. if i think i'm right and think what i'm doing is best under the circumstances, i will fight it until i can't fight anymore. if i realize half-way through that i am wrong, i will admit it. most of the time...

3. i'm have very good will power. if i put my mind to something, i do it. sometimes it's silly things, like not eating ice cream, and sometimes it's bigger things, like running a marathon. but if i tell myself that i am going to do something or not do something, i always stick with it. if i know i can' stick with it, then i don't make any promises!

there you have it. three more things. next week is the last week for this, but maybe i will keep it up. i think it's good to have a weekly motivational post!

have a great day!

megan bird

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  1. I love your positive statements, they portray such a strong woman! Great to have you on board, can't wait to read next weeks :)