Friday, February 18, 2011

birthday wishlist

my birthday is next week! i am a HUGE fan of birthdays. and not just mine, anyone's. i love celebrating birthdays. in our household, we celebrate birthdays, half birthdays, dog name it, we celebrate. i love making a huge deal out of a special day. you get the red carpet treatment in our household if you're turning a year older. it's just too much fun to pass up. so when i got the email asking what i wanted, of course i headed over to the Forever 21 website. ok, ok, ok, i know i'm not 21. not even close. but that doesn't mean i can't shop there. it's just easier to give my sisters and my mom a one-stop shop experience. here is the list of items i sent. they are all so cheap...i can't wait to see which items i will get!

i'm embracing the shorts this year. as long as i've got heels (and maybe a bit of a tan), i can wear shorts!
that's right, embracing

you don't have to be 21 to wear a romper

oh blue shoes, i heart you
cozy, comfy, cute. done.

one in red

one in blue

one in stripes


i'm addicted to cardigans

love this!
belted sweater? yes please!

love red, love stripes!

so that's my wishlist. i can't wait to open all my presents. i turn into a five-year old when i get presents. and i turn into a teenage girl when i get new clothes!
what's on your wishlist?
megan bird


  1. That blue skirt is MY FAVORITE color! Hope you score that one; I'd love to see how you style it!

    My birthday is next week too--and I think it's PERFECTLY logical to want to go all out. It's so nice to have something fun to look forward to in the doldrums of February! :)

  2. Oh I love birthdays. My favorite thing is to plan surprises for other ppl's Bday. Once I plotted with another friend, we copied the keys of a third friend, sneaked a bunch of people into her place and freaked her out at first then celebrated. I also set up something for my husband one year. He was bit sad when he got to the bar because he was wondering why all his friends went out without him. Then he realized it was a set up!
    I do spread my Bday on at least two evenings (one for cake, one for ice cream). See my reasoning is that I was born in a different time zone, hence I should also celebrate in that time zone!

    What are you planning to do for your Bday?

  3. @lab geek - i love the idea about two time zones. i wonder what i can come up with the spread the celebration out...and that is hilarious about your husband!
    @amy - happy birthday!!!

  4. An early happy birthday to you!!! A good friend of mine celebrates her entire birth month! LOL Sounds like a plan I'm going to try this year! ~Serene

  5. Happy early birthday!!!!
    I celebrate birthdays,
    Half birthdays,
    Dog birthdays,
    And even UNBIRTHDAYS!!!
    [[ Only sometimes though!! ]]

    I'll randomly buy a present for someone.
    And give it to them and they'll be baffelled by it.
    It's usually something small.
    But I'll tell them it's there UNBIRTHDAY present.
    And they laugh and enjoy it.
    I think everyday should be a fun day and special day for anyone.

    I love that Red Striped Sweater!!
    I've got a Grey and Black striped sweater similar to it.
    Only it's a boat neck style.

    What are you planning on doing for your birthday??
    Something super spectacular I hope!!


  6. Very excellent bday list! I hope you're going to model your loot!