Monday, February 28, 2011

best dressed- the oscars!

as megan and i were watching the red carpet yesterday with our family there was a lot of commentary going on! lots of oooh-ing and aaah-ing. lots of "what was she thinking"? we were just shouting at the t.v. as the stars were being interviewed by ryan secrest. tons of fun! for the most part, our opinions on best and worst dressed were the same. we differed on just a here we go! our choices for best and worst dressed...

best dressed

penelope cruz in l'wren scott
(um, she gave birth a month ago. give me a break!)

mila kunis in elie saab

hailee steinfeld in marchesa
(if you haven't seen her yet in "true grit", check it out!)

amy adams in l'wren scott
(also just recently had a baby).

celine dion in armani prive
(she had twins in october! can you believe it? i thought they were via surrogate. i was wrong.)

cate blanchett in givenchy couture
(were we split on this one, megan? if so, sorry. i love it!) 
*update...i love this dress and i love her ~ megan bird

worst dressed

nicole kidman in christian dior

jennifer hudson in versace
(she's lost 80 pounds. she looks amazing. the color is great. but that cleavage is just wrong).

michelle williams in chanel
(we went back and forth on this one a lot. we love michelle. her pixie cut is the best. she is adorable. but this dress does not flatter her at all. at all. and i am so glad i cannot see her whole shoe because they look really bad).

marisa tomei in (a very ill-fitting) vintage charles james couture

honorable mentions/dresses we couldn't agree upon

scarlett johansson in dolce and gabbana
(megan loved it. i didn't love it. she is gorgeous though. and we both agreed we love her new do!)

sandra bullock in vera wang
(not my fave. but megan made a good point that it could be much better in a different color...)

gwyneth paltrow in calvin klein
(i would love this if she took off that dumb brooch at the waist. megan does not care for gwyneth).

mandy moore in monique lhuillier
(yes, she is gorgeous. the dress is pretty. but i don't love that nude netting at the top. it is very figure skater-y).

hillary swank in gucci
(love the top. not crazy about the feathers).

people i didn't see on the red carpet but am loving today

rhea durham in naeem khan

camila alves in kaufman franco
(simple and stunning).

worst makeup

sharon stone in way too much black eyeliner. and i love me some black eyeliner!

i feel like i may have missed some...megan? any you would like to add or comment on???

did you watch? who did you think was the best and worst dressed???

xoxo, nora bird

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  1. honorable mention for worst look: barbie doll witherspoon. she is adorable, but that was all sorts of wrong. i wish i would have seen m. williams on camera. really? no good? megan, if you ever want to "not care for gwyneth" together, just let me know.

  2. I think Jennifer Lawrence was in the top 5. Her red dress was simple yet smokin! And I'm with nora bird on Cate Blanchet, she looked amazing, and so did Gweneth Paltrow. I think Amy Adams looked great, but I hated that necklace with that dress.

  3. I agree with your picks, gals! I *loved* Mila's dress! I actually really liked Sco Jo's dress and her cut. I loved Amy Adams' dress, too. All of the women looked so beautiful...I can't believe they all had babies and are skinnier than my pinky toe. Magical. Thanks for the re-cap! I also really liked your oscar dresses! What a fun idea! xo

  4. Great to see a recap ladies. I didn't get a chance to watch the Oscars, boo! Personally I am in LOVE with Cate Blanchett's dress, couture and vintage has got me swooning. xx veronika