Tuesday, January 4, 2011

under the weather

my husband and daughter were sick all of last week with a nasty cold. and the darn cold finally caught me this weekend. yuck! i am finally feeling better today. isn't it the best feeling to wake up feeling better after feeling so miserable? i am so sorry i have been MIA from the blog. thanks to megan bird for keeping it going! she is such a great sister and co-bird! 

here are a few of things that kept me going and got me better while i was ill...

my hubby helped me out so much! he took the day off yesterday and helped take care of mimi. he also did almost all the laundry and was cleaning and organizing the house all weekend! what a guy! thanks, jim. you're the best! big kisses!

my baby girl, just 'cause she is so darn cute! she also learned a ton of new tricks this weekend and was so proud to show them off! here she is standing in her crib (for the first time!) while she is supposed to be napping...we caught her!

megan bird made me the most delicious of soups! i must have the recipe. perhaps she will share it with all of us! also, i hope she notices that i got the bay leaf! big kisses comin' at ya!

tea with honey. mmm...

i never buy cookies (i prefer to make my own desserts) but i splurged since i was ailing. yummy! and i figure since they have oatmeal and dark chocolate that they are basically healthy! right??? right???

my cozy slippers. amelia liked them a lot too. she kept trying to eat them!

i also got lots and lots of sleep (again, thanks to jim)! i am so happy to be getting better and to be back to blogging! i hope you are all healthy and happy!

image via here.


  1. i think i will wait until you are 100% better for that kiss! feel better soon! <3

  2. That picture of Amelia standing in the crib is so damn cute....just made my day. Hope youre better soon so we can gather and eat and drink and be merry!