Tuesday, January 11, 2011

tuesday remix

this weeks item is a great pair of grey linen trousers that megan gave me for christmas (what a sister!). love them! unfortunately i forgot to take a photo of just the trousers before imported all of my photos to the computer (and was way too lazy to go back upstairs and take one)...so there is no photo of the item alone...sorry!!! megan thrifted them from the downtown salvation army. great find, megan!

outfit one: seeing red

t-shirt- UO
sunglasses- thrifted
clutch- kohls
heels- i have no clue where or when i got them and don't know when i have ever worn them...the brand name is "delicious"!
bracelet- trifted
belt- long story...it was found in a closet at my in-laws and no one knew who it belonged to...so they all assumed it was mine. then it traveled up to mpls from lacrosse by way of my father-in-law and was given to me. turns out it was not mine originally...but it is now! see...long story.

outfit two: fun with neutrals

wrap sweater- megan recently cleaned out her closets and i totally scored this sweater!
booties- F21, another christmas gift from megan (thanks!)
headband- F21

outfit three: vested

vest- another item scored when megan cleaned out her closet!
belt- vintage, thrifted
heels- ebay
bangles- thrifted

i hope you all had a fabulous tuesday! i am off to eat some dinner and relax with the hubby!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I like those trousers, especially with the vest in the third outfit.

  2. I would wear all of these incarnations, but what I most want to have is your hair!

  3. thank you so much. what a nice compliment about my hair, melanie! i actually find it a bit out of control right now so that is very nice to hear! and rebecca, isn't the vest great? i can't believe megan gave it up. so glad she did though!

  4. I love your hair!!! Stunning! How do you style it? Is it naturally like that?

    Following you now. :)


  5. thanks for reading and for following, gangsterpixiestyle! and thank you so much for the compliment. my hair is just naturally like what it looks like in the photos. i put a bit of garnier fructis surf hair in it sometimes and then usually let it air dry. sometimes i will use a diffusor, sometimes i will blow dry it almost all the way dry...but it usually turns out the same every time...