Thursday, January 6, 2011

trend alert

my obsession of the day...the fashion trends of 2011!

the pajama trend

this may be the trend i am most excited about. who doesn't want to wear fashionable pieces that are comfy as well??? i know i do!

bold color

rocking head to toe bold color is so daring and fun! i am definitely going to try it.

mixing prints 

why not turn a few heads this year?!? i love this.

that 70s show

one of my favorite eras in fashion! high-waisted bell bottoms are on my "oh my gosh i need that" list!

i am so excited to start scouring my favorite thrift stores for these looks and more! will you try any of these trends? what are you excited to wear this year?

xoxo, nora bird

all images via here.

1 comment:

  1. I sort of like the idea of pajama inspired looks---as long as it doesn't give more people the validation to wear Old Navy PJ bottoms out in public!
    I'm soooo loving the 70s looks. Definitely me favorite fashion era.