Saturday, January 22, 2011

still waters run deep

chris and i had a lovely evening in stillwater. for those of you who don't know stillwater, it's a small river town just east of minneapolis. it's a beautiful city, full of antique shops and small-town charm.

we started off with a wine tasting at a local winery...which sounds fun, and it was, but the wine wasn't very good. we tasted seven wines, and only kind of liked one. honestly, we took a sip of one, and both chris and i had the same thought; that it tasted like how a urinal cake smells. delicious, huh? the fact that they served wine in plastic glasses with the business initials written in marker on each glass should have been a give away that it wasn't going to be good (for real, no one is going to steal your glasses!)

needless to say, the tasting was a bust, but we had fun hanging out nonetheless. and seeing the different items they had for sale gave us a little chuckle, too.

we then checked into our inn. it was lovely. old victorian styling and a duvet that was a mile high full of feathers.

the inn also had a fabulous restaurant. seriously, i haven't eaten so much in a long time. we decided to just go for it. 
and even a cute little sorbet pallet cleanser

then it was nap time. we couldn't help ourselves...the duvet was calling. 
and we had been drinking wine for a few hours. so, we caught a little shut eye and woke up ready for the rest of the night...which included one drunk "deejay" who changed the pandora channel after every song, and a couple of very drunk groups who provided the entertainment for the evening.
overheard throughout the night were such great quotes as, "whatever happened to the days of watching baywatch and eating burritos?" and, "that shot was way better than the one i took on my last birthday. that one almost killed me." we got invited by the bartender to another bar once the madcapper closed, but we decided against it, despite (or because of) the fact that they had random dollar shots at the whimsy of a shaken dice.

of course, no trip is complete without a little thrifting. so of course, chris was sweet enough to accommodate me in a treck around town looking for deals. i bought henry the sweetest little gopher's letter jacket and eva some ugg-like boots, and of course a number of treasures for myself and two birds.

what a day. i always love a date night with chris. and to get a few treasures while we're at it doesn't hurt!

i hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!!
megan bird

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  1. that sounds like so much fun! i've gone to stillwater for day trips but never an overnight. what a great little getaway! and you scored some fantastic boots!