Friday, January 28, 2011


i have a long list in my head of things i am always searching for at thrift stores. i thought it would be easier if i wrote them all down. i hope you all don't mind me using you as a post-it note reminder! here are my wants and needs from thrift stores.

any quilt or afghan that has bright colors and vintage prints (i especially want one to hang over our bed as a headboard)

any paint by number picture

any cross-stitch picture (especially home sweet home ones!)

vintage boots

vintage dresses

old suitcases

the perfect cardigan/kimono (i have loads of cardigans, just hoping that the one i bring home will be the perfect far, no luck)

brass animals (in fact, i want these ones right here!)

wooden animals (i know, a little weird, i LOVE animal figurines)

vintage bottles...i probably already have enough, but i keep buying them. you can use them for so many crafty things!

globes. love them. and look how cute this one is on the aforementioned suitcases!

the list goes on and on...i'm sure i will post again about things i have to have. how about you? what do you search for on your thrift store excursions?


  1. I have been looking for a globe as well. I like the idea of having the world at my finger tips.

  2. If you find anything like these, will you please tell me where? I want to come thrifting with you! :)

  3. wow, are thrifting lists are almost identical!! i'm a sucker for cross stitch, animal figurines, paint by numbers and vintage boots! globes are impossible to find... nice ones at least. i only seem to find plastic of broken ones.

  4. Making a list of things makes it so much easier to be sure you are getting things you want, doesn't it?
    Best of luck with your shopping.
    The Auspicious Life