Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new loves and old friends

i know megan already did one of these posts today...sorry to be redundant. but they are kind of fun, right? anyway, in my opinion, some of the easiest vintage pieces to wear are boots and blazers. i have piles of vintage boots. i am particular to vintage cowboy and riding boots...

here are some of them. i count ten pair there. does anyone actually need that many pairs of cowboy boots? probably not even actual cowboys. i may have a problem here...i didn't even bother to take a photo of my blazers. that may be an even bigger obsession...

again, anyway, these two items are also super fun and easy to pair with the new pieces in your closet! here is one way i like to do so...

oh, and your eyes do not deceive you. there is about 7 or 8 or so inches of hair gone from my head. see you later hair!!!

new loves

mini dress- h&m
leggings- target

old friends

blazer- vintage, Everyday People
boots- vintage, Up Six

i hope you are all having a great day! 

xoxo, nora bird


  1. LOVE your haircut! It's so cute!
    And my boot collection wants to meet your boot collection, they would have good times together.

  2. Love the dress and the boots! I need to go vintage shopping with you! I have never been to Up Six but I will have to check them out now :)

  3. LOVE the haircut! Way to go, being brave and all that. I hear ya on the cowboy book obsesh. They look so good with everything though, how can we not want a pair in every shade. ;)

  4. totally forwarding this post along to a girlfirend of mine who JUST ASKED to keep my eye out for a pair of vintage cowgirl boots. will you be having these at your sale???


  5. MaryBeth, this is actually my personal collection of boots, but we would be happy to look for some for your friend! we are always happy to take requests. do you know what size she is???

  6. Cute! Your new haircut is adorable! Love that you and your sister both post. You're lucky to be so close:)

  7. Cuteness! So unexpected and fun!

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  9. Cute!! I love your blazer & hair!!

    Prissy (Rushr Our Fashion)

  10. I love it with those boots and tights! Such a great mix of feminine and roughness.

    The Auspicious Life

    ps. The fella, aka our tech master, is going to figure out what is going on with your pictures. Sorry about that.

  11. I'm wearing purple riding boots with my blazer today! And am TOTALLY JEALOUS of your amazing collection.

  12. okay, tweed blazer + cowboy boots is perfect. you look absolutely adorable, but not as "cutesy" as the word adorable would lead one to believe. know what i mean? i just love the look.

  13. Oh im jealous! I am still after the perfect pair of cowboy boots, yet to find the ones I want. Love your look, its so cute!

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