Friday, January 14, 2011

new loves and old friends

okay, i have decided to join megan and do some new loves and old friends posts of my own! i am doing this for a few reasons. first off, i really love pairing vintage and new items. i do it almost every day (or at least every day that i actually get dressed in real clothes and not just my "stay-at-home mom uniform" of yoga pants, a tank and a sweatshirt)! i know, it's sad...secondly, i have decided i want to do more outfit of the day posts, if not only to get me out of the previously described uniform! i also just want to get more comfortable taking photos of myself and then sharing them! let's just say it is not my favorite thing to do. but i love styling outfits and i want to show you all what i love to do...and lastly, i have decided that in my photos i am going to try and be less serious. enough of this actually trying to model business. i am not a model. not by far! and i am really not a serious, straight faced person. i love to laugh and joke around and be a goof! so, i am going to try and show that side a bit more in the pictures. like this:

haha! see what a dork i am?

okay, okay. enough about me. on to the outfit...

why so serious?

old friends

shirt- vintage, thrifted by megan from some old (and obviously awesomely attired) lady's estate. i love the colors and the shape so much!
belt-vintage, thrifted

new loves

jeggings- H&M, purchased and worn constantly while i was pregnant! so comfy...
boots- my go-to boots for sure! they look cute with anything.

just so you all know, i am actually going to wear this outfit tonight, even if it is just to work and not somewhere actually fun! i hope everyone is having a great day! 

xoxo, nora bird


  1. this is music to my ears. a) we love this outfit, b) we smile seeing you be you, and c) this inspires other moms (aka, me) to break out of their dingy mom uniform. hip hip hooray!

  2. love it! want my shirt back...=) i'm with you, i will try smiling more in my pics, too!

  3. my shirt now. sorry, sucker! ha. j/k. thanks for the shirt. and you can borrow it whenever you like!

  4. i love these posts! glad you are doing it too. that belt is fantastic!!

  5. OMG, I need that shirt. My birthday is coming up, please send it to me! And I love that third picture, so pretty!

  6. aww, shucks. thanks, sister. but you can't have the shirt! perhaps we can find you one like it though...