Thursday, January 27, 2011

new loves and old friends

good morning, all! i am feeling much better today. a couple of full night's sleep (well, a few kiddies waking up in the night doesn't really count), and some hot green tea really does the trick. oh, and i waxed my eyebrows and used some self tanner this morning...that always helps the ol' self esteem! this is the other outfit that i took pics of the other day. i looked with a new eye and decided that i did, in fact, like this outfit. so here goes...

i bought this weird crimper/curling iron the other night. it was on clearance at Target, so i figured, why not? have you seen these? it looks like a curling iron, but it has three tubes on it, so you can make "beach waves" with your hair. this is me after experimenting with it. i threw the headband on to make it a little bit smaller...and i now know not to try to crimp my bangs!

new loves:
cardi ~ Alloy
sandals ~ Urban Original
belt ~ thrifted
earrings ~ Kohls
necklace ~ Heartbreaker
headband ~ Forever 21

old friends:
skirt/dress ~ vintage, thrifted by nora (then i forced her to give it to me)

1 comment:

  1. that dress is amazing!! good score, you are lucky to have a sister who has such great taste. i love the gray and yellow color combo!