Wednesday, January 26, 2011

new loves and old friends

i have to admit, i did two of these posts today. maybe i'll post them both, we'll see. i am having one of those weeks where nothing looks right to me. do you ever have those? but hey, you still need to get dressed in the morning! don't get me wrong, i like both of the outfits i chose...i just didn't love the pictures. now i'm just feeling sorry for myself. *snap out of it and post the pic already!* here is the outfit i am actually wearing today. i love this skirt. it is the perfect length, the perfect waist's so comfy and (i think) flattering. so here goes...

my fave part about these shoes is the lovely lining...a little hidden treasure!

and here i am leaving for work in my christmas hat...everyone needs a little whimsy in their life!
you can't see it, but this hat has ears...meow!

old friends:
skirt ~ vintage, thrifted

new loves:
blouse ~ Old Navy, thrifted
tights ~ gift from a friend (Target) thanks, anna!
earrings ~ swap item
shoes ~ Seychelles, thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
hat ~ Marshalls kid's section

have a great day, all!

megan bird


  1. hat.

    I die... everything is perfection!