Thursday, January 20, 2011

new loves and old friends

i want to apologize for my craptastic photos as of late. i have been so crazy busy, that the only time i have to take pictures is at 6:30 AM, and we've been taking them with my phone. so, they are a little yellow, a little out of focus, and my eyes are a little watery from having only been awake for a little while. my blog resolution is to start taking fantastic pictures...outside, with a real camera, looking awake. but today, you're stuck with these. i'm sorry.

i really like my outfit today, until i sit down. do you ever have an outfit like that? standing up, it's comfy, it's cute, i love it...and then i sit – and all of a sudden – the waist is too tight, the slit goes up to you know where, and my tank keeps sliding down to reveal a little too much to be appropriate for work. so i'm on watch today so that i don't get sued for sexual harassment for this outfit! or maybe i'll just stand all day...we'll see.

at least i tried smiling!
 my favorite part about this shirt...ruffles!!
 this skirt has pockets that zip you don't get the pocket bulge on the side. genius!
i have a little bit of ocd when it comes to socks being on to wear socks AND tights at the same time is a pretty big deal for me!

new loves:
earrings ~ Kohls
tank, socks and cardi ~ Marshalls
tights ~ Target

old friends:
skirt ~ vintage, thrifted
boots ~ vintage, thrifted

have a great day, all!
megan bird

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