Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new loves and old friends

i wanted to wear a cute skirt with this outfit today, but alas, it's freezing outside! i think it might be the coldest it's been all winter. i even tried to take a picture outside this morning (yay, chris is back!), but i couldn't get one without my teeth chattering! i do, however, still like today's outfit. we bought a bunch of ruffle/tie blouses for two birds, and now i'm thinking i might want to buy a few myself! i do love them...especially paired with a cute sweater! so here's my vintage and modern mix for the day...

new loves:
sweater ~ H&M
pants ~ Express via Marshalls
shoes ~ Kohls
earrings ~ For Love 21

old friends:
blouse ~ vintage, two birds item

have a great day!
megan bird


  1. You look fabulous! I just realized that I am actually doing an old and new today too.
    I have been looking for a shirt with a tie thing since i saw one at Zara in chicago this fall. I have seen a couple at thrift stores but they looked flimsy. If you have one that you think would look good one me, could you save it so i can try it on? And the burgundy dress too if that's no trouble. :) Thanks!!!

  2. I like the mix of new and vintage pieces. I think I need to find a cute sweater to wear over my vintage blouses.

  3. Love this vintage and modern mix! Those earrings are really beautiful.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  4. Love this! Those kind of blouses are my fave~ they always remind me of the movie 9 to 5.