Thursday, January 13, 2011

new loves and old friends

"sometimes new love comes between old friends. sometimes the best love was the one that was always there."
~author unknown

i know this quote was meant for people, but today, i'm applying it to clothes. i love vintage clothing, i love how it looks, the story it tells, the fact that it is environmentally friendly...i just plain love it. but i also love buying new pieces. they're fun, they're new, they make me smile. 

i know there are many people out there who think they can not wear vintage...they feel like the fit would not work with their body, or that the style is too eclectic for their tastes. i happen to disagree. i think everyone can wear vintage, you just need to find the right piece. so here is my challenge to you all...try to find yourself a great vintage piece. love it. own it. wear it. i bet you'll be happy you did.

in the meantime, i am starting a new thursday post...i am going to pair a vintage piece (my dear old love) with a modern piece (hello, new friend). i would like to spread the word that everyone can wear vintage...even if it's just one small piece with an otherwise modern outfit.

without further ado, here is today's outfit...let's all go out dancing!

old friends:
skirt ~ two birds item
brooch ~ grandma hartman's
belt ~ thrifted
pearl and rhinestone necklace ~ thrifted

new loves:
tank ~ F21
ring ~ For Love 21
earrings ~ present from my dear friend rose
shoes ~ DSW
floral pendant necklace ~ For Love 21

seriously, who wants to go dancing?

happy thursday, all!
megan bird


  1. I LOVE that skirt. I wish I had tried it on when I was home, and that's the exact outfit I was picturing in my head when I saw it!

  2. mixing vintage and new pieces is my favorite way to dress! this outfit is so great! you look so celebratory!

  3. Very cute skirt! Love the look!