Saturday, January 8, 2011

last day at the point

alas, it is our last day in breezy point.

we wanted to have a well-rounded day that included equal amounts of relaxing, having fun and thrifting! we started the day thinking we'd head down to the indoor pool...but after opening the door, we realized that while the pool may be indoors, the wet hair resulting from a fun swim was too much of a problem when venturing back to the cabin. so we convinced the kids that a dip in the jacuzzi was just as fun, especially since the swimming pool doesn't have bubbles!

we then took our blinkie button and headed to a local eatery for lunch. i got my obligatory free bloody mary, and we quite enjoyed our lunch!

the kids then took their nap, and i decided to venture to brainerd (a town about 20 miles away) to check out the thrifting deals there. i wasn't very impressed, for anyone who wants to check it out. it is a college town, so it's big enough for thrift stores to think they can charge bigger city prices, but not big enough to get all the funky, vintage donations that stores in such bigger cities receive. nonetheless, i did find some pretty cute things. and to be fair, the prices weren't too bad...i am just so used to thrifting, that to me, a $5.00 dress is expensive! here are my finds for the day:

vintage 80s dress

sparkly gray sweater

the cutest vintage prairie skirt

two pairs of vintage boots

my newest obsession...embroidered home picture

an older obsession...cute vintage kids pictures

floral embroideries

vintage suitcase

cross stitch rings for a crafty idea brewing in my head (more to come later...)

starfish charms (for another crafty idea!)
and then on my way home, i stopped at a salon that was mentioned in the blinkie button specials (by the way, we have saved a total of $43 so far using our blinkie button!) i got a free 20 minute seated chair massage, and it was glorious. now we're back, contemplating where we can find a good batch of nachos in this town. enjoy the night, everyone!

megan bird

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  1. I love that "welcome to our home" needlepoint! I have a collection of them I've found at thrift stores and I'm still on the hunt for more. I LOVE the fireplace in that one. So darling.
    I'm curious what you are planning with the embroidery hoops. I've been collecting them for a little project myself. Can't wait to see what you make!