Tuesday, January 4, 2011

it's time to organize: part two

well, as promised, i moved on to my sweaters. this was not as hefty of a task as the closet was...i do have a lot of sweaters, but they are way easier to manage. so i will keep it short and sweet.

here is the pile of sweaters at the start of the project...they had nowhere to live for the time being

 yep, that pile of sweaters is 18 inches high

and the finished project – all boxed up and ready to go under the bed

in our house, you have to take storage wherever you can make it. so if i have to crawl under the bed every time i want to wear a sweater, so be it. at least now they are all organized. one box contains all the cardigans and vintage sweaters, and one contains all the turtlenecks and tunic sweaters. way easier to find what you're looking for when it's organized. i could get used to this...

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