Monday, January 10, 2011

inspiration monday

back to the real world today. it was hard getting out of bed and doing all the normal things i have to do on monday mornings...make lunches, get the kids ready, get myself ready. it was a tough morning...but luckily i found this cute little number to be inspired by. remember that i mentioned that i cleaned my closets out last week? well, nora came over last night to peruse my castoffs, and of course, as she was looking through, i decided to keep (just) one shirt that i originally was going to get rid of. i thought that i would never wear it, even thought it is a super cute shirt. however, as i was paging through the pages of a magazine, i happened upon this picture and decided that keeping the shirt would be a good idea.

shenae grimes
and here's my attempt. i have to tell you that i originally had a blazer on, and while it looked cute, the combo of my hair pulled back and the shoulder pads made me look like quite the pinhead. so, i changed into this sweater and belt...i have to say, i like it better.

sweater and pants ~ Target
gingham shirt ~ vintage, thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
necklaces ~ thrifted
boots ~ Nordstrom Rack
tank ~ H&M
earrings ~ Kohls

happy monday, all!
megan bird


  1. cute! i'm going to have to give the belted cardigan look another try. and i looove those boots! are they a recent rack purchase? might have to head out to the moa.

  2. thanks! they are a pretty recent purchase...december 30th, so they might still be there! the brand name is zigi soho.