Friday, January 21, 2011

fashion over function?

it's the coldest day of the year so far in minneapolis. i think they were saying something about -40 degrees, with the windchill factored in. as i was walking to my bus last night, i noticed a lot of people wearing no hats, no mittens...i don't know what they were thinking. i am all about looking good, but for goodness sakes, when it's this cold, you have to worry more about frostbite and less about hat head. it got me to thinking about a few, i am getting old. two, do i always make the right choices when it comes to fashion versus function? the honest answer: nope.

just last week at the aforementioned johnny cash tribute, i wore clog sandals and a wimpy little coat - in the middle of winter. three-quarter-sleeve coat. yep, dumb. granted, i knew i'd only be outside for the amount of time it takes to catch a cab,  but still...dumb.

i don't know what's worse, the fact that i wore sandals in winter, or the fact that i took them off at a bar!

a few years ago, we went on an amazing trip to europe. we trecked all over the continent and had the most amazing time. what didn't have a good time? my feet. in my head as i packed for the trip, i was thinking of paris in the springtime and of all the cute dresses and boots and spring coats i would wear. what i didn't think about was cobblestone streets and hours of walking and waiting in lines. i may have looked cute, but by the end of the night, i could barely walk!
you will rarely catch me in a pair of flats!

and then of course, there were the teenage years. i remember being so dumb back then. remember that age? when what you wear trumps almost anything? i remember it being cool to wear your coat unbuttoned and hanging off your shoulders. i don't know why that was cool, but i did it. in the coldest of weather, i would wear a flimsy little coat, not even covering myself. so dumb.

these days, it's pretty easy to be both fashionable and functional. they make the cutest turban ear warmers so to avoid hat hair.
image via here

and cute and comfy flats
image via here

as for the coat over the shoulders...i don't have a remedy for that one. i guess get a cute coat that you want to show off rather than hide!
image via here

what about you? have you ever done anything ridiculous for fashion's sake? i have, and i am sure i will again...sometimes you just can't help yourself!

megan bird


  1. There was one time when I wore clogs is a winter HS football game in Blue Earth, MN. WORST IDEA EVER. I swore I got frost bite. My hubs to this day still rolls his eyes at me!

  2. Oh my. I was volunteering at an ice fishing contest this week and there were these teenagers that were so dumb. They all had little coats or just hoodies, no boots, no hats. Dumb. Just like you said. I love wearing boots and dresses with tights. Today, I really wanted to wear one but alas, I was practical and wore jeans. I'm still cold... :) Stupid MN weather.

  3. love all those pieces! i'm extremely afraid of the cold, but these clothes look warm! :)