Friday, January 7, 2011

blinkie button specials

today's task was an easy one....take the blinkie button and get your money's worth. what does this mean, you ask? well...up here at ice fest, they are selling blinkie buttons for $5 each.
 why are they called blinkie buttons, you may wonder...
anyone who knows me knows i love a good scavenger hunt. so, today and tomorrow will be spent searching for these stores and restaurants and using up the discounts provided.

so far today, we have saved a total of $18. of course, it was spent on stuff we may not have bought otherwise, but what can i say...i'm a sucker for a deal.

 ring and winter headband/neck warmer...$26 (originally $31)
warm (and cute) and waterproof boots...$32 (originally $40) kid's meal ($5 off)

 and while these weren't part of the blinkie button discounts, i had to include them...a pair of cowboy boots for nora bird...$3

i love a good deal!!!
megan bird

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  1. love the boots! i am so excited to try them on. thanks again! xoxo.