Monday, January 31, 2011

best dressed; SAG Awards

i love the sag awards. they are great because it is just the actors and they all seem to be super comfortable with one another. everyone seems to get a little tipsy on champagne (did you see those giant bottles on the tables??? i want one of those!) and then it is just a full on love fest. all of the actors just start telling one another how great they all are and how amazing they all are to be actors and blah blah blah. kind of annoying, but funny to watch. i must admit, i didn't watch the whole show. rather, my husband and i chose to watch the final episodes of "Weeds: Season Six". but i did see enough of it to pick out who i thought looked pretty amazing and who was not so much (you know...while i sat on my couch, in sweatpants, eating pizza)...

best dressed:

mila kunis in alexander mcqueen

claire danes in louis vuitton

julie bowen in valentino 
(i just know megan had to love this. she is crazy for jumpsuits!)

jayma mays in jenny packham

tina fey in oscar de la renta
(she was going to be an honorable mention...but i just love tina fey and she looks so great!)

honorable mentions:

natalie portman in azzaro

christine baranski (in ???)

rosario dawson in j. mendel

and sadly...

worst dressed:

kim kardashian in marchesa

barbara hershey (in ???)
(i so love barbara though. have you seen "black swan"??? if not, you must. she is amazing in it!)

jenna fischer in fendi
(maybe if she would have smiled...)

christina hendricks in l'wren scott


everyone seemed to hate january jones in the carolina herrera gown...but i can't quite decide if i love it or hate it. what do you think???

i love you james franco:

in gucci

i hope you are all having a good monday morning!

xoxo, nora bird

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inspiration monday

i got my new tripod this weekend! and it was just in time, as chris was working the wee hours of the morning today, i had to take these pics all by myself. i love my new tripod...if only my camera was equipped to use a remote, i'd be set!!

my inspiration today is the beautiful selita ebanks, of victoria's secret fame. i love this elegant, yet casual look. and who doesn't love a good boyfriend blazer?

and here is my take: 

i love this necklace. i couldn't capture it quite right, but the "letter" inside the "envelope" says, "j'taime"

happy monday, all!
megan bird

blazer ~ Target
jeggings & tank ~ H&M
belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Nine West via Marshalls
earrings ~ Kohls
necklace ~ gift from my baby sister via Etsy

back in the u.s.s.r.

after all that talk about what i want/need from thrift stores, i got the itch to go search for all of these lovely items. i can't say that i found them all, but i did find this gem for a mere $2.99. yep, you read that right, $2.99.

my favorite part is that it's so old, it still has this...
i'm so excited i found this!

and of course, no thrifting experience is complete without a few pairs of shoes.

 and i love this little plaque. i can't say i agree with what it says, but it gave me a little chuckle.
 it's called "to dotter on her marryin' day" 
it's full of advice from a "modder" to her "dotter" on the day of her wedding. insightful tidbits such as,
be cheery of face
tender and givin'
you make the home.
let him make the livin'
be by his side
through all of his ailin's
pray to the lord
bout him and yer failin's.

i think i will save this for when eva gets married. classic!

a pretty good thrifting weekend, if i do say so myself!
megan bird

Friday, January 28, 2011


i have a long list in my head of things i am always searching for at thrift stores. i thought it would be easier if i wrote them all down. i hope you all don't mind me using you as a post-it note reminder! here are my wants and needs from thrift stores.

any quilt or afghan that has bright colors and vintage prints (i especially want one to hang over our bed as a headboard)

any paint by number picture

any cross-stitch picture (especially home sweet home ones!)

vintage boots

vintage dresses

old suitcases

the perfect cardigan/kimono (i have loads of cardigans, just hoping that the one i bring home will be the perfect far, no luck)

brass animals (in fact, i want these ones right here!)

wooden animals (i know, a little weird, i LOVE animal figurines)

vintage bottles...i probably already have enough, but i keep buying them. you can use them for so many crafty things!

globes. love them. and look how cute this one is on the aforementioned suitcases!

the list goes on and on...i'm sure i will post again about things i have to have. how about you? what do you search for on your thrift store excursions?

FBFF: smile! you're on candid camera!

happy friday!!! this week's FBFF questions are all about taking your own pictures and blogging. i have struggled with this exact thing for a while now. it's pretty hard to get the time, the courage and the gumption to take fabulous pictures everyday. but we try...
if you'd like to join, or look at other's answers, head on over to Modly Chic.

1. what technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video camera, tripod, etc...)
at the moment, just a camera, and on an off-day, my phone. it's a pretty good phone, but it doesn't take quality pictures quite like my camera. i recently bought a tripod after a whole week where chris (my photog) wasn't able to take my pictures. i had my five-year old son take them instead, and it was clearly evident that a child had taken them. unfortunately, my camera isn't equipped to use a remote, so i will still need to do the run back and forth with the timer. it's a work in progress...

2. what computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)
to be honest, nothing. we are new to this whole process. we simply upload our pictures as is. i would love to work in photoshop to make collages and things like that...but that will come in time.

3. what is your process for taking pictures?
oh boy...usually it happens at 7 am as we are all frantically trying to get ready for work and school. i wait for lunches to be packed, and when the kids are sitting down to breakfast, i give chris my best doe-eyed look and ask him to take pics. he is very kind and accommodating about it. he ends up taking about 35 pictures, for me to find four that i like. not because of his photographing...usually i am blinking or the angle is weird. it takes a lot of practice to learn what poses and/or facial expressions look good on camera.

4. when it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?
i don't consider much. right now, it's cold and wintry, and i would rather not be outside without huge boots and a down coat. plus, at 7 am and 6 pm, when we are home, it's dark outside. in the summer, i hope to be outdoors more for pictures, but to be honest, i have very limited time at home, and would prefer to spend it with the family rather than scouting locations. so pictures are usually in our hallway, or right out the front door. the best pictures for me are the ones where we are on a family outing and i see a place that is perfect. i try to bring my camera, and also to be picture ready, every place we go. of course, that doesn't always happen...

5. if you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying?
a fantastic camera with a wireless remote. i sometimes feel like i am burdening chris with all the work he does for me. but, he takes a good picture, and he is very patient, so i have no complaints!
have a wonderful weekend, all! big plans?
megan bird

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

a more appropriate use for my hat?

i think i found someone who looks way cuter in my hat. i think it might also be more age appropriate.
 she's pretty cute, huh?

and as not to play favorites, henry tried on papa's hat, too.
little heartbreaker

sorry, after seeing the cute pictures of amelia, i had to share my beautiful kids, too!

megan bird

vaute couture

i found out Vaute Couture, a renegade vegan fashion house, through a few great friends (thanks, friends!). the coats are so stylish and chic! and better yet they are all made from vegan, recycled and recyclable fabrics. and to top it off, they are all made locally in NYC. these coats are high style, high performance and cruelty free. what more could you ask for? find out more about the company, the creator, and her mission here. and check out all the gorgeous coats and other amazing pieces for sale here. oh, and there is also a pretty great blog

some of my favorite Vaute Couture items...

pretty amazing, right?

xoxo, nora bird