Wednesday, December 1, 2010

santa sweaters

i am secretly (or maybe not so secretly) a huge fan of ugly clothes. i think that oftentimes, things are so ugly, they are cute. however, i have never been a fan of holiday-themed fashion. i have never worn a santa sweater or anything with a reindeer on it. but i'm thinking that maybe there is a way to make it cute. so i am on a mission now to find some cute holiday pieces. here's a few things i have found so far...

while this is not a specific holiday purse, it certainly has the colors and the festive look to it to be a themed handbag.
embroidered handbag

again, no reindeer or santas, but the design certainly could be christmas ornaments!

70's cardigan

LOVE this! i'd feel like a gift every time i wore it!

pretty package
here's the reindeer i've been promising!
ski sweater
snowflake earrings

i know this dress could be worn at any other time besides the holidays...but when i saw it, i knew i had to include it!
santa's little helper dress

who doesn't love a good ol' sparkly poinsettia sweater?
sparkle sweater

or a handmade poinsettia dress?
garden dress

this one is so ugly, that it might just stay ugly. but i honestly think that someone could pair it with skinny jeans and a belt, throw on some knee high boots...maybe, just maybe it could be cute!
let it glow sweater
what do you think? do you own any holiday-inspired clothing? do you wear it as fashion, and not just kitsch?

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  1. Funny, my mom and I have a saying about some of the ridiculous clothes I pick out and it's "That's so ugly, it's cute."

    And I LOVE that 70's cardigan!!