Friday, December 10, 2010

a salvaged strawberry interview

now that we've shown you some of the beautiful wares of amanda's Salvaged Strawberry, why not get to know her a little bit!

1. what is your favorite part about vintage shopping? ok, that might be hard. what are your favorite parts?
The hunt! By far it’s the hunt! There are times when you go to an estate sale or to a thrift store and you leave with zilch. You’ve walked aisle after aisle and nothing sparkles that day. However, it’s those times when you find an amazing treasure that makes it all worth it. I don’t know why—but I love digging through other people’s junk. I also love those times when you get an opportunity to hear the story with the item. One of my all-time favorite things to do is go through my grandma’s jewelry with her. We have been doing this since I was a little girl. It is our tradition to sit on the end of her bed and pull out all of her boxes of jewelry. Then she tells me the story that goes with each one. “I got this broach from your Uncle Tom for Mother’s Day in 1976” or “This is the necklace your grandpa gave me for our 25th wedding anniversary.” Sitting with her, hearing these stories, and looking through her treasured items is a true joy. I find that joy, in smaller ways, when I go garage sale-ing. This summer, for example, I was out in the suburbs and drove by a garage sale. It was a cute, little old couple who had a sale in their living room. They said come on in!, asked me to sit down and if I wanted coffee. As I picked up items, the woman would come over and tell me the story. “Well, dear, that butterfly tin is really a powder puff holder from the 1940s. I used to have a puff and powder in it, but it’s still a beautiful tin, isn’t it?” I would have never known what it was for or when it was from without her! These are the moments, connecting with an item’s history—that is my favorite part. Or is it the hunt? … ;)

2. where do you find all of your fashion inspiration? is there a particular person right now whose style you are really digging?
Well, like most gals, I get a lot of inspiration from fashion magazines and blogs. I see an outfit or the way an outfit was put together and try to re-create it with what I have. Hmmm, a particular person whose style I am digging…Last weekend, as I was getting ready, I decided to wear bright blue tights, black high heels, a short black skirt, and a floral sheer top with a fat belt to cinch it all together. I walked out into the living room, and the missus says: “You look like two birds.” I would have to say that you two are my favorite inspiration right now. You’ve made me think out of the box in terms of fashion. At our last Mighty Swell Vintage Sale, you pulled together outfits for me that I never would have chosen for myself. And I liked them! Sometimes you get “stuck”—and I have a tendency to lean toward the librarian/grandma look. You’ve definitely helped me to try new colors and new styles. Most of all, you helped me to appreciate my assets, not hide them. I’ll leave it at that.

3. what is one trend you are loving right now? what trend makes you shake your head (not good!)?
I really, really love that the “vintage” look is back. I think the Mad Men-inspired trends that are happening right now are awesome. Obviously. I like that curves are being flaunted and accentuated, finally. Mama has some curves, and it is encouraging to see real women look beautiful in classic clothes. I can’t really think of a style I hate, right now. I think if you use clothes as an expression of who you are and what you like naturally, you can’t go wrong.

4. tell us something about you that our readers may not know.
A few things: I am originally from Michigan, born outside of Detroit. I only moved here a few years ago, but I now consider Minneapolis and Detroit my homes. I got my first tattoo this year—it’s not finished because it hurt so bad I had to stop. It’s still incomplete.

5. which do you prefer: thrift store, garage sale, or estate sale and why?
Estate Sale. Lately, I think that the thrift stores around Minneapolis are over-picked. I hardly find anything that I *love* here anymore. Going to Wisconsin is a different story—when we are there to visit my partner’s fam, I always hit up one thrift store by her Dad’s (best vintage clothes!) and one by her Mom’s (best housewares); but locally, I am all about the estate sales. I like going through the old homes on a Saturday morning with a good friend for company—nothing better.

6. what are some of your favorite blogs that you follow, for inspiration, for fun, for tips? let's share the love!
Yay! I love this question! I only started my blog a few months ago. But I have been reading them for years. Here are my faves:

Effingdykes, to make me laugh
Largeheartedboy for music, literature, and pop culture
Bicycle Diaries to make me smile
Dainty squid because she/it’s so damn cute
Dorothy Surrenders for her snarkiness and general commentary:
Diablo Cody’s Red Band Trailer, always good for a laugh
Sweet Juniper for his insightful glimpses into the beauty of Detroit and life in general
Daytrotter for intimate live music session and to hear something new
A Beautiful Mess for inspiration
And, of course, two birds for smiles, laughs, inspiration, and fashion.

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