Monday, December 20, 2010

inspiration monday

i have to admit...i am at home sick with a sick kid today, so i am not actually wearing this outfit anywhere. this is also the reason that i picked a kind of lazy inspiration today. however, i just bought this romper, and i wanted to show it off a little. my mom gave me one of those Kohls $10 cards - the kind you can use to get $10 off anything. and i ended up just shopping clearance, and i bought five shirts and this romper for a total of $18. not kidding. this outfit was $5. pretty cool. so anyways, here is my lazy (but still cute) monday inspiration.

and me...

there it i'm off to bed.

happy monday, all!

romper ~ Kohls
necklace/earrings ~ F21
shoes ~ DSW


  1. That might be the cutest and most stylish romper I've ever seen!!

  2. thank you! rompers are my newest addiction...why i need so many, i don't know; but this may be my favorite!