Monday, December 6, 2010

inspiration monday

life has been a scramble lately. weekends go by way too quickly...and i never seem to be able to get everything done that i need to. i had big plans of cleaning, cooking and spending some lazy quality time with my family this weekend. i got a little quality time, a little cooking and a little cleaning done, but not nearly as much as i wanted. so here we are, back to monday. i needed a little fun this morning, so i decided to punch it up with a little polka dots.

the inspiration, once again, is rachel bilson. i could use one of her outfits every week...she's just so cute! i love how she mixes patterns with this outfit.

and here's my outfit. i needed a little more color than just black and white...

i actually got this skirt on clearance in the little girl's section of target! that's a little tip for you...girl's clothes are WAY cheaper and oftentimes just as cute as the adult section. this skirt was $6.

skirt ~ Target
shirt ~ H&M
sweater, tights ~ Marshalls
boots~ vintage, thrifted

happy monday, all!!!

image via here

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  1. i went through the girls section at target today in hopes of finding that skirt. no such luck. so cute!