Tuesday, December 7, 2010

how to wear a...

i've decided to start a new series of posts. i thought it would be fun to find out from readers what their favorite way to wear certain items are. so i will be posting the items on our blog, as well as twitter and facebook, to see if people want to send in pictures of themselves wearing "the item" in unique and fun ways.

i am beginning this series with scarves. here in minnesota, it's cold, i mean really cold. any extra piece of clothing that we wear helps. layers layers layers! here's how i like to wear them...they add a little element of surprise. is it a dress or a scarf???

so there is my favorite way to wear a scarf...how about you? email me pictures at twobirds.mn@gmail.com and i will post them soon on our blog!


  1. I meant to tell you today - this is super cute. I never would've thought of using a scarf that way!

  2. What a lovely idea to do for a series! I saw your request via FBFF, I'm Jill (polkadot) and if you'd like - even tho I'm currently embroiled in copyright infringement issues from Spanish Elle - just have a look round my blog (rather than me submit photos) and if you'd like to use anything, if you don't mind, please send me the link (or send back to photo - just to identify it) and I'll clear it with whoever is wearing it (it could be me) and give you permission - just credit & link, I'm fine with it.

    I LOVE the scarf, the colour, and the idea. I honestly thought it was a tunic. Brilliant. I'm just trying out these days wearing a jumper on my head as a snood.. my husband thinks it's ridiculous but it's so simple & effective!

    Have a lovely weekend. Better get back to what I was doing - I was looking for the FBFF questions, they've got lost in an avalanche of emails. Do you have them by any chance? Thanks xx