Thursday, December 23, 2010

how our readers wear a scarf

a while back, i did a post on my favorite way to wear a scarf. here are readers pictures that they so nicely shared on their favorite stylings. i have to say, they are all pretty cute!

emily of sugar and spice has the most adorable blue knit scarf...she wears it long with the cutest of fur hats!

vivian at style bizarre wears hers similar to my favorite style. hers is over the shoulders and belted, almost like a cute cardigan!

iris of 260 days, no repeats says, "i like to wear them wrapped close to my neck because it always keeps me warm. and if there is a pattern to the scarf it almost doubles as a necklace."

jill at polka dot has a wonderful friend, Jen, who wears this gorgeous jigsaw scarf that almost looks like an infinity scarf. love it!

jenna from love, lust, lose wears her almost like an ascot, close to the neck, tucked into a blazer.
thanks everyone for contributing. i definitely want to pull out all my scarves and start styling!


  1. Thank you for featuring me! I love this way of wearing the scarf, it actually keeps you veeeery warm! Perfect for this snowy days, a bit less perfect when you try to wear a coat on it ahha!

  2. What a sweet feature! I would have submitted had I not gotten sucked into the temporary vortex of the holidays. Scarves are awesome!

  3. Yes hi Megan, what a lovely post! As London is colder than normal - than ever - I'm really scarf obsessed at the moment. Snoods, too. In fact Jen sent me a snood as a Christmas present! (She's with her husband's family in Sweden). Thank you for your consideration - and patience.

  4. I love tying my scarf like this:

    It makes me look like an adorably wrapped gift! =D