Friday, December 17, 2010

friend friday: all dressed up for the holidays

friday again...and so close to the holidays! today's questions are all about holiday parties. do you have a lot of parties to go to this year? what will you wear? what will you bring? do you let a little snow or cold weather stop you from being fashionable? if you want to join friend friday, or if you'd like to read other blogger's answers, check out Modly Chic.

1. which holiday party are you looking forward to attending this year?
i love small friends and family parties. work parties can be fun, but i prefer a smaller, more intimate setting. we are planning a game night with just a few and appetizers and cocktails. to me, that is the perfect way to share the holidays with friends.
2. what is your go-to holiday party outfit?
that's a tough one. i have so many clothes, that i don't really have a go-to outfit. i have so many "fancy" pieces that i buy for that special occasion, that when that special occasion comes up, i actually have choices! i actually prefer accessories when it comes to party dressing. i love to spice things up with a unique pair of tights. i just bought a pair of zebra tights that will dress up a little black dress.
i also love huge statement piece jewelry. i have my eye on this necklace, which I think would jazz up any holiday outfit.

as for outfits, though...i do have a favorite purple dress that i bought on clearance years ago at H&M. it is one of my go-to dresses for special occasions (and it would look cute with both the tights AND the necklace!) it looks a little bit like this

3. do you go dressed in something that would be impractical to wear at any other time of the year?
probably...although i am known to always wear things that are impractical. but yes, holidays give you more license to wear glitz and glam and sparkles...which i love. i might wear them throughout the rest of the year, but people don't look at me like i'm crazy when it's the holiday season!
4. if you are going to a house-party what gift will you bring to the host/hostess?
wine...i always bring wine. i know it's boring, but it works. dress it up with a cute bag, and a couple of nice wine glasses and add a home-baked pastry and you're good to go!
5. if you could buy only one trendy piece to update your holiday party wardrobe, what would you get this year?
good question...i don't know. probably something sparkly. i prefer a sparkly shoe. maybe definitely something like this.

how about you? do you have your favorite holiday outfit? what is it? where will you wear it?

happy holidays!!
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  1. Your outfit sounds delightful!

    Those shoes look adorable!