Friday, December 24, 2010

FBFF-it's the holiday season!

this week's FBFF post is all about the holidays! the two birds wish you all a very happy holidays! if you would like to read about other blogger's holiday memories and traditions, or to join FBFF, head on over to Modly Chic!

1. Your favorite holiday memory:
i am making some of my favorite memories as we speak! it is my baby girl's first christmas this year. it has been such fun to introduce her to all of our holiday traditions, even though, at only eight months old, she doesn't quite understand it all yet!

i also love putting on old christmas records with my family and singing at the top of our lungs! our favorites are dolly parton and kenny rogers' christmas and elvis presley singing "oh come all ye faithful". we LOVE to sing in our family, no matter how bad we sound!

2. Were you ever a victim of those family Christmas party photo shoots? What do you think about them now? Care to share an old photo?
i really love having tons of photos of my family and friends having fun and celebrating. i don't mind family photo shoots at all!

3. Best Christmas gift you ever gave:
i don't know! i don't think i could pick the best. i just love giving gifts. finding the perfect gift is hard, but when you do it is such a great feeling! it could be the middle of july and i will see something that is just perfect for a friend or my sister or my husband and i just have to get it! but then it is so hard for me to wait until christmas to give it to them! usually i can't wait...

4. Craziest/funniest holiday family tradition:
my family is pretty funny and crazy all the time. during the holidays it is just multiplied! as i mentioned before, we love to sing along to our christmas favorites, very loudly. and there is usually a dance routine to go along with the songs! it is not that crazy, but my in-laws have a pie baking competition every year that i have yet to enter. i am putting it off because they are all such amazing bakers. the competition is quite stiff and i just hate to lose (which i would)! the funny part about it is the picture they take every year!

5. Favorite type of Christmas cookie:
 another tough question. i love sweets. and there are tons to go around this time of year, especially in my family! my specialty are snickerdoodles. the key is tons of butter! mmm...butter...

have a safe and happy holiday season!


  1. a pie baking competition!? snickerdoodles?! sounds like the place to be

    merry christmas!

  2. I love finding the perfect gift. Your baby is adorable, and so little.

    Merry Christmas!