Thursday, December 9, 2010

collection favorites

Mighty Swell is this weekend! it came upon us so fast this time! the two birds are so very excited. megan and i finally got everything priced and tagged and organized! tonight we get to see the space at Tarnish and Gold for the first time whilst setting up shop. i am also super excited to see what amazing items the other vendors are selling. and to shop!!! i thought i would post a little preview of some of my favorite items from our collection that can be found this weekend at Mighty Swell. we hope to see you there!

i love this beaded jacket. it looks so much cooler in person. i really, really wanted to keep this one for myself! you know how much i love sparkles!

this lacy blazer with the adorable bow was another one that was hard to part with. and i love it paired with this faux fur hat (also for sale!).

we have all sorts of cute and kitschy little onsies. great for gifts!

i love this wine rack. almost as much as i love wine. and that's a lot!

this mod, flowery dress is so great. the color is this cool sort of brown, orangey. and it has a cowl neck sort of thing going on. i especially love it paired with an amazing, faux fur coat (of which we are selling quite a few!).

this seventies maxi dress is so bright and colorful and fun! it is cute paired with this white, bolero-type jacket (also for sale!). but it looks cool on its own too. or warm it up by layering it with with a chunky, belted grandpa cardigan (we have the perfect one!). so many options!

vintage frames galore! 

shoulder pads? check. amazing, deep purple color? check. attached belt? check. matching, awesome, awesome, awesome sparkly and equally shoulder-padded jacket (unfortunately, not pictured)? check! this dress has got it all!

these are just a few of the many, many items two birds will be selling this weekend (check out more here). we have so many more great things (clothes! jewels! housewares! gifts!). at such reasonable prices. seriously. so. reasonable. megan and i will be on hand on saturday to help you style all of your great finds, too! just ask! we love to help. so come on down and see us this weekend! you won't be sorry. 


  1. The purple dress is fabulous! I am bringing friends along with me on saturday, they may need styling advice :).

  2. yay! we can't wait to see you. come over and say hi, and we would LOVE to help anyone out!

  3. I have one favor to ask. Do not let me leave with an ugly xmas sweater. I find them funny but I really should not wear one!

  4. we promise! (unless you look REALLY cute in it!)