Friday, November 19, 2010

you say it's your birthday

happy birthday, nora bird! you are my favorite 30-something little sister (and before anyone gets mad...i can say that because she is my only little sister in her 30s!) but really, i love you. happy birthday!

it's nora's birthday! jump for joy!!


  1. weird. you and i are the only barrett sisters in their 30s right now. thanks for the cute post!

  2. happy birthday nora! i LOVE the little nora pictures - trying to see if i can find any amelia in there....hmmm...

  3. i think i see mimi in the youngest pic! happy b-day!

  4. nice try, kerri! but heather is right. mimi is all jim! i just don't see me in her (yet)!

    thanks for the nice birthday wishes!