Tuesday, November 16, 2010

work in progress

i almost didn't write this post because it is slightly embarrassing. it is a glimpse into my very disorganized closet(s). and i must tell you, i am not a messy/chaotic/disorganized gal (for the most part). i live in south minneapolis, which, if you don't know, is the land of 10,000 small closets.

 seriously. the houses are gorgeous, if not small. they have tons of character. i love my house. it may be teeny tiny, but it is perfect for me and my family. the closets, however, are not perfect for me and my wardrobe. 

my clothes are spread out between five closets in our house. and they are a mess. i have had big plans to organize them and make them look great! (my husband would be so happy!) but how? 

do you have any amazing organization tips? and cool ways you display your items? any ideas that would make me proud to show of my closets? i am all ears! (i also need ideas on how to display jewelry, but that is a whole different blog post! my jewelry? one word: mess!)

in the meantime, here are some amazing closets...

hey, a girl can dream, right?

images via here and here.


  1. your closets are downright organized compared to mine!

  2. hahaha! i took VERY flattering photos so as not to embarrass myself too much.

  3. keeping my closet organized is a constant battle for me. but i DO keep my jewelery pretty organized (although it is quite spread out). i use vintage mug holders (they are always at the thrift store) for necklaces and bracelets. then for earrings, take an old large picture frame and staple the mesh from a screen onto the back= instant cute earring holder. i also use little sushi plates for rings and smaller earrings, set on top of my dresser.
    good luck organizing!
    ps. i have major shoe envy, your collection is amazing!

  4. wow! great suggestions. i love the frame/screen idea for earrings! i think i will definitely try that. thanks!

  5. Closets are always a challenge.. I have two rods in my closet and it is still not enough space. I am thinking about going to 4. Its a large closet, but poorly constructed and poorly organized (by me). I know your pain. When my son leaves for college, his room will be my new closet/office! He's only 11, darn, better get more rods and more hangers for now. Good luck with your closet. BTW, your shoe collection is insane!
    besos, lynn