Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what to wear to thanksgiving dinner

i love thanksgiving...i get to have two huge meals in one day, both filled with wine and carbs (two of my favorite things). i don't eat turkey, so i fill up on mashed potatoes, veggie stuffing and pumpkin pie. but what to wear? i can tell you right now what not to wear...skinny jeans, tight shirts, a size-too-small pair of tights. the thought of these things alone worn on thanksgiving day makes my stomach hurt. but you don't want to throw on a pair of sweats, either. after all, you can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. here are a few must-haves for your big-dinner wardrobe.

i know, i said no skinny jeans, but trust me, i own these ones, and they are like sweat pants. they are the most comfortable pair of pants i own. and these boots...what else can i say? i almost want to run out after work and buy a pair!

flannel seems so grunge, but i think it's so cute and comfy. paired with leggings and these fabulous nine west boots, you can't go wrong!

nothing says comfortable like an oversized cardigan. and again, these!

have a safe and happy thanksgiving, all!

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