Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tuesday remix

it's tuesday again. time for the remix!

the item:
a vintage blouse purchased at Mighty Swell from the lovely meghan of high plains thrifter. it's buttery yellow with shimmery polka dots and a tie neck. i love a tie neck! cute!

the outfits:

a day at the office

pants-theory, thrifted

lunch date with the girls

jeans-the gap
necklaces-h&m, express, and a gift from bestie kate

waitress in the sky

vest-purchased at Mighty Swell from the fashionable kitty of Geisha Pearl Vintage
tights-gift from megan

have a fabulous tuesday!!!


  1. nora - were you purposely aiming this one at me? because this shirt is EXACTLY the same shape & style as the vintage green/white hearts YSL shirt I told you about, right down to the tie neck and poufy sleeves with tight cuffs.

    (i am kidding about writing this one for me -- but it definitely helped :)

  2. this was totally all for you, heather! ;) next time we hang out we should wear our matching shirts.

  3. You could not be cuter if you tried!! I love how you styled this blouse...I see tie-neck blouses all the time at thrifts, and am always worried I'll look dowdy in them. Thanks for showing that you can style them adorably for many occasions!!