Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tuesday remix (oops! almost wednesday!)

sorry for the late posting of the remix today! it completely slipped my mind to post it this morning! so, without further ado...

this weekend, megan hosted a brunch swap. the ladies got to talking about skinny jeans and who could or should wear them. my thought? anyone can wear them! it's what you pair them with that matters. so even if you think you can't pull off the look, i'm willing to bet you can. what do you think? do you wear skinny jeans?

here are three ways i like to wear my skinnys...

the item:

skinny jean-forever 21

look one: casual layers

shirt-vintage, thrifted
earrings-forever 21
white tee-old navy

look two: sparkled and cuffed

tunic-vintage, thrifted
tank top-forever 21
booties-forever 21

look three: easy breezy

vest-urban outfitters

i hope everyone had a fabulous tuesday! nighty night!


  1. oh heavens to betsy i love today's remix! and tho it's now wednesday, i am still inspired.

  2. Until two days ago, I would assured you that I looked terrible in skinny jeans. Then on tuesday, prompted by a friend, I tried on some levis curved ID black skinny jeans. I had a long cardigan on that hid everything that needed some coverage. It's like the cloud parted and the light shone on me. I looked good! I came back to MN, land of no taxes, and ordered myself a pair. I hope they look as good on me at home than they did in the store (stupid skinny mirrors!). I have tons of outfit ideas for them, similar to your fabulous look #2.
    So yeah, just wanted to say that you are correct in saying that mostly anyone can wear the right cut with the approriate styling.