Thursday, November 11, 2010

state of fashion

i love minnesota. sure, it gets cold in the winters and mosquitoes are known as the state bird around here...but i love it. it is a beautiful state, full of beautiful scenery. and minneapolis, in my opinion, is the perfect city. we are small enough to not be uber-crazy busy with things like traffic or crime. but we are big enough to get some big name fashion, food and fun here. i think we are a perfect mix between big city and small town. if you live here, would you agree? if you don't, you should come visit. trust me, it will be worth your while.

so i'd like to pay fashion homage to minnesota.

i heart minnesota
lake superior agate amulet
bob dylan tee
"purple rain" boots
pink lady slippers
dancing loon pendant
joynoelle dress
how would you pay fashion tribute to your state?


  1. I LOVE the second necklace. It's so pretty! I guess I pay homage to W. North Carolina hmmmmmm, I just don't think I really do pay homage to my home state. I could make anywhere home, so I don't really feel a sense of loyalty to my state. ~Serene

  2. I love Minnesota - even when everyone around me is whining about it. When the weather gets me down, a little mid-winter trip does the trick and I'm back to loving it again. I like Minneapolis, but cannot find my way around very well. I'm a St. Paul girl to the core.

    I love the necklace you feature here. Going to check it out now... :)

  3. I love the agate necklace! We do have some good fashion here in good old MN... :)