Sunday, November 21, 2010


nora and i had the best time today with our re-makeover winner, helene. she is the cutest little thing...she braved the icy roads to come over and get her re-makeover. and she even came armed with delicious cupcakes (she was so thoughtful and got us vegan cupcakes). thanks, was so fun meeting you.

it is a difficult task, styling outfits for someone you have never met or seen. helene gave us a few ideas, via email, of what she liked, and told us that she was very excited to have someone else pick out her outfits...and was very open to something completely different from her normal jeans and t-shirt style.

we decided that a blousy shirt and skirt would be the perfect outfit for her. we had a couple of dresses picked out, too...but mainly we wanted to give her pieces that she could mix and match with other pieces from her wardrobe. here are a few of the outfits we picked out for her. she looked adorable in all of them...(and sorry for the poor picture quality...after a long night celebrating nora's birthday last night, and the large amounts of caffeine this morning, they all turned out a bit blurry!)

isn't she the cutest?

 love the pop of red with her dark hair!
 she loved the purple skirt...especially because it has pockets!
 i wish we had just given her this shirt, too because she looks amazing in it!
she just bought some skinny jeans that we are sure would look fab with this dress!

and now, the winning number...

 all of the pieces are so versatile. pair the top with some skinny jeans and knee-high boots. jeans, a tank, and some cute ballet flats would be great with the cardigan. the skirt would look great with so many other tops...and the purple really stands out. the belt is fabulous, and really adds a little flair to an outfit. then of course, everyone loves a chunky necklace and a pair of oversized sunglasses.
we really hope you enjoy your outfit, helene. it was so fun to meet you!

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  1. I had a lot of fun! My friends, who have been sent over to your blog post, are loving seeing me in not-black! I was told I should get the red shirt :)
    Thanks again!