Thursday, November 4, 2010

lucky thrift finds

for anyone who lives in the twin cities area, if you haven't been, you need to check out the downtown minneapolis Salvation Army. i love this place. not only is it one of the biggest thrift stores in the city, but they have a whole basement dedicated to new "as is" Target items...Target items that are minimally flawed, or items that designers sent to Target as "test" items, not meant to be sold. it's a gold mine...and i love it.

here are a few of the items i purchased this weekend:

blouse (don't know what's wrong with it) $6

tank (so cute) $4

sweater (so far, i see nothing wrong with it) $8

rain boots (notice how one is higher than the other) $5

clogs (they say size 9, but they fit me and i'm an 8) $3

last, but not least, my new fave faux-fur coat (absolutely nothing wrong with it–this was a test sample) $10

i will definitely continue to shop here to see what new treasures i can find. have you been here? do you have a favorite thrift shop? what are some of your lucky thrift finds?

happy thrifting!


  1. i love these finds! the tank is amazing and i love how you paired it with the skirt, making it look like a dress

  2. Oh.My.GOSH. I have never been to MN, but I'd go just to hit up that Salvation Army. Amazing finds, especially the blouse and the tank.

  3. Oh, I didn't know we had a Salvation Army here that has the Target stuff! I'll have to check it out for sure =)

  4. Nice pics ;) Great finds!! Thrifting in my area is hardly as successful, I guess I'd better dig deeper, those are some awesome deals!

    Ripped Nylon

  5. arghhhh!
    jealous! hahaha, i love the rainboots and the clogs! :D

    With Love,

  6. Great scores!! I LOVE Target Thrift and just wrote a post about it a few weeks ago myself. $3 shoes! Amazing!

  7. I LOVE a good haul!! I HAVE to follow such a great thrifting blog! ~Serene

  8. reason #256 to move to minneapolis.