Friday, November 5, 2010

letting my kids dress me

i was feeling adventurous this morning. it's casual friday at work, so i thought, hey, why not let my three-year-old daughter pick out my whole outfit? i think she has tremendous fashion sense, and as mentioned in previous postings, i think we can learn a lot from our kids when it comes to having a carefree sense of style.

so here it whole outfit, from shoes to earrings, picked out by the eva diva herself. henry has asked for the next outfit, so stay tuned!

what do you think, would you ever let your kids dress you? do you put enough trust in other people to pick out a whole outfit, guaranteed you will wear it out? try it's pretty liberating. although it doesn't hurt that i think she picked out a pretty cute ensemble!

happy friday, all!


  1. Your daughter has good taste!
    You know, I am actually looking forward to have someone else pick out clothes for me. As you say, it seems liberating. I will make sure to wear out what you ladies pick out for me! Maybe I'll even have a party :).

  2. we are SO excited to do it for you! and anytime you have an excuse for a party, i say go for it! have a great weekend.

  3. I never thought of wearing that dress as a shirt! I have an outfit for next week now!

  4. What a great stylist you have!! :)
    I love those earrings, I have them in orange and blue and I wear them all the time.

  5. Wow! She really did an awesome job, way to go Eva!

    You've inspired me to do this with my 3 girls, although I know they'll insist on doing my hair too and that could get REALLY interesting. :-)

    Happy weekend, two birds!