Monday, November 29, 2010

inspiration monday

welcome back to the real world, everyone. it was a fabulous long weekend, and now i'm back to work. i have to be honest, i almost forgot about today's outfit! luckily, i was inspired by a specific piece this weekend while shopping on black friday! i have been seeing a lot of celebrities wearing these slouch pants. i never thought i could pull them off, but lo and behold, i found a pair on clearance at Kohls, and i love them! so here is my inspiration, not necessarily a whole outfit, but the pants in general...

and here is my take. mine aren't quite the harem pant look (I don't love those so much), but I do love the slouchy leg and slim tailoring of my new pants.

happy monday, all. i hope your transition back to normal life isn't too harrowing!

pants ~ Kohls
tank ~ thrifted
sweater ~ Target
shoes ~ Urban Original
necklace ~ Shop in the City
earrings ~ Forever 21
images via here and here

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