Tuesday, November 23, 2010

i dreamed a dream

have you ever had one of those fantastic night's sleep where you dream the most magical of dreams? i had that last night. and it's somewhat embarrassing, but my wake-up-smiling dreams are usually about shopping. something consisting of unlimited amounts of money and time and a warehouse filled with vintage clothing.

last night's dream was just that. nora and i were at an amazing sale, full of beautiful vintage clothing, jewelry, purses and shoes. we were happily wandering aisle after aisle, pulling everything we wanted. if we both wanted something, there were two of them. most relaxing dream. ever. it was in this dream that i dreamed my (kind of) outfit today. i found this amazing gray sweater that had elbow and a belly patch. i know, i've never heard of – or seen – a sweater with a belly patch, but this was cute...it kind of looked like a koala bear.

anyways, i was wearing the sweater with leggings, a men's dress shirt and the cutest pair of wedge booties.

so now on my list of things to thrift, along with a mustard cardigan and a black pleated skirt, i am adding cuffed booties and a sweater with elbow patches. it doesn't have to be gray, and i suppose it doesn't have to have a belly patch...but maybe i'll sew one on just for fun.

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