Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fashion funk

i'm in a funk today. i don't know if it's because of the fact that the sun now sets at 4:52, or if i didn't get enough sleep last night, or if it's just a plain bad week. there are usually a few things i can do to get me back up on the horse. family time is number one. sure, sometimes, naughty kids can make me even more short-circuited, but for the most part, my family will pull me out of a bad mood pretty quickly. a good cry works, too. pull out PS I Love You, and i feel better after two hours. then there's good comfort food; mashed potatoes and stuffing, mom's burritos (or almost anything mom makes). a big mug of hot chocolate or a glass of red wine (depending on the time of day) might also do the trick. 

but on a day like today, it's more of a fashion funk. i woke up hating my hair, hating my clothes, looking too pale...i think most of you know how that goes. so here are the things that pull me out of my fashion funk...

a good haircut

thanks to the wonderful zoe, at the rat's nest, who did a great job cutting my hair this weekend. now if only she could come over and style it every morning...because i seriously lack the hair styling gene!

a new color

i don't know if it was a mistake or not, but i colored my own hair last night. this is the problem with being in a funk...sometimes irrational choices are made. but hey, i was rational enough to choose a non-permanent color. it's a dark auburn. i wasn't up for pictures today due to the funk, but promise to take some soon!

retail therapy
this is my favorite way to make myself feel better. even if it's something small like a new necklace, or a new brand of mascara...a little shopping always makes me feel better. sometimes even window shopping helps. so here are a few things that i know would improve my mood today.

kimchi blue scallop skirt
leopard hooded parka
bird stack ring
steve madden faux fur vest
christian louboutin blue suede pumps
ruched utility pants

what about you? what do you do to pull yourself out of a funk? i hope all of your days are going better than mine. enjoy your tuesday!

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  1. thrift store shopping almost always pulls me out of a funk. or sometimes, i just give into the funk, put on my sweats, pour myself a glass of wine and watch a chick flick (never seen ps. i love you, i will have to try that one next time i'm feeling funky). oh, and a soak in the bathtub never hurts.

  2. you must see "p.s. i love you"! neither of us stopped crying the entire two hours of the movie. so good and sad!

  3. cameron, go back to brunette! the best.

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