Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a convert

i have been a thrifter for years now. i love thrifting so much that i have started to think that paying more than $10 for a dress is ridiculous. the other day, my man, chris, was shopping for halloween costume pieces (i.e., KISS boots) and stumbled into many thrift stores. before i continue, i should tell you a little bit about chris. he is metrosexual at it's best. he loves dress shirts from Nordstroms and fancy shoes from Bloomingdales.

 in all fairness to him, i should also tell you that he loves to lounge around in sweats and tees, too.

he's not high maintenance, he just likes to look good when going out. who doesn't? he went to at all of these thrift stores, and he realized that there were some pretty cute clothes there (my words, not his). and then he walked outside and saw a plethora of high-end cars in the lots. he realized that the reason these people could drive their fancy cars was – maybe – because they shopped at thrift stores.

so he got home, and said to me, "i think i am only going to shop at thrift stores from now on." i was amazed and thrilled. this is the man who thinks a $70 shirt at Nordstrom Rack is a good deal. this is the man who once spent $400 on five shirts. our pocket book was forever grateful.

what chris learned that day, that i have been trying to instill in him forever, is that if you truly want that one-of-a-kind item, if you really want to be the only person at the club wearing your outfit, thrifting is truly the way to go. sure, we will still both shop new occasionally, but there is something about the hunt, the one-of-a-kind find and the "green" aspect of thrifting, that i will always be drawn to.

what do you think? do you love thrifting? or does the thought of wearing someone else's hand-me-downs turn you off?

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  1. this is a good story. I also enjoy thrifting. I was very into it in my younger yeats, strayed away a bit, but A got me back in the game. It is nice to have a partner that will do that for you.