Wednesday, November 17, 2010

brunch swap finds: day two point five

well, if there's one thing i've realized since starting this blog, it's that not every picture is great. so i decided to showcase one of the more comfy looks i found at the brunch swap. and to make it completely organic, i decided to take the picture without a lick of makeup on, hair pulled back, full ready-for-bed mode (well, except i don't sleep in rain boots). 

i grabbed this white tank (because i'm addicted to tanks) and this fab maternity cardigan. yes it's maternity, no mom, i'm not pregnant. but who doesn't love a big, loose cardi?

good night, sleep tight. don't let the bed bugs bite!


  1. lately i've been wanting to wear big cardigans all the time. i've found some good ones in the men's section at the thrift store... now i'm gonna have to start looking in the maternity section as well. this sweater is so cute and cozy looking!

  2. maternity clothes are the most comfy...and the great aspect about them, versus men's clothes, is that they were made to fit women, so things like sleeve length and shoulder width will still fit. maternity yoga pants are the best! never know when you might need maternity clothes in the future!