Thursday, November 18, 2010

brunch swap finds: day three

today is a more conservative day for my brunch swap finds. amazingly, almost everything (aside from my shoes, belt and earrings) are from the swap. i thought i could take a pair of petite pants and pull them off as cropped/ankle pants...what do you think (i do, after all, have pretty short legs)?

since it was more on the conservative side for me, i had to throw in a little color...

and some good old-fashioned costume jewelry glitz

ahh, if only it were real!

have a great day, all!


  1. My friends and I did a clothing swap and had a BLAST! Great necklace! ~Serene

  2. Do you know I've been wearing my SWAP clothes all week??! The black and white striped top, the comfy yoga pants, the cute flowery dress on Nora (top on me)...Loved that!! Can't wait for our next one!!