Tuesday, November 16, 2010

brunch swap finds: day one

i mentioned in an earlier post that i was hosting a brunch swap. i finally had it this past sunday. it was a hit. six wonderful ladies showed up with LOADS of bags – not kidding – full of goodies. jewels, shoes, purses, clothing. SO much clothing. our sunroom was filled to the brim. we were all very civil about it. i pulled out the skinny mirror and everyone started rummaging. i found so many treasures, that i can't list them all in one blog post. so i decided that every day, until i run out, i will wear at least one article of clothing or an accessory from my fantastic finds. today i am wearing three pieces. a great gold dress, some fantastic tights and a fun turquoise bracelet.

i bought these same tights a while back, and then was so disappointed to find out they didn't fit me. (un)fortunately, i convinced my friend, amanda, to buy the same ones....and they didn't fit her either. plus side – hers fit me!

have you ever hosted a brunch swap? it's so fun! we had mimosas and fun girl time...and all the leftovers (five garbage bags full!) will be donated to ARC.


  1. i've been wanting to have a clothes/accessories swap for quite some time. i'm thinking i will have to get on that. were most of your gal pals around the same size? do you think that matters in terms of organizing the swap?

  2. no, we are not all the same size. i think that made it more fun...someone would see something that she loved, and then realize that it wasn't her size, and she'd happily pass it on to someone who would fit into it.