Tuesday, November 30, 2010

boardwalk empire

my husband and i have gotten really into the new HBO series, "Boardwalk Empire". it is a great show, set in atlantic city during the prohibition era. it is amazingly acted and the content and story lines are very interesting. i am a sucker for anything historical fiction. but what i find myself most drawn to is, of course, the amazing fashion. i love the art deco style of that time. the clothes just seemed so much more beautiful and intricate and well made.

i love to imagine the stories behind these vintage dresses (found here and here). who wore them? where were they going? what were they doing? 

sigh. so gorgeous. (here and here).

i wish i could afford even one of these dresses! (here and here).

this is, by far, my favorite era for vintage clothing (and probably one of the hardest to find at a reasonable price!). i feel such a connection to it. maybe i lived during this time in a past life or something. who knows? maybe one of these dresses was mine! ha! (here and here).

image via here.

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  1. I love Boardwalk Empire!! And seeing the ladies in their dresses is definetly my favorite part. It also makes me want to take up smoking (using a long cigarette holder while wearing gloves of course).