Tuesday, November 30, 2010

black shatter

i don't usually do beauty posts, but this product was pretty much made for me! i don't know about you but i am horrible at painting my nails. i just can't seem to keep the polish on the nail. it always ends up on my skin! and whenever i do polish my nails it only seems to last a day or two before it starts cracking and chipping and looking tacky...so, when i saw this article on Nylon's website, i got a little excited! Black Shatter is a new topcoat nail polish by OPI (apparently created by serena williams) that you can apply over any color. as it dries, it forms cracks, allowing the base coat color to show through. this is the perfect nail polish for me! i imagine that it looks cool and edgy and i won't have to worry about applying the base coat perfectly. i am definitely going to try it when it is released in january. what do you think? would you wear it?

image via here.

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  1. I am the same way... I always pick at my nails and the paint comes off. But I love to paint them! Thanks for this! So looking forward to your pop up sale in a couple weeks! Also, I changed my blog URL fyi - not midwestvogue anymore, it's http://bornwithhorses.blogspot.com.

    I can't wait to shop Two Birds!