Thursday, November 18, 2010

birds of a feather

do you have any thrifting obsessions? is there something you always look for or are immediately drawn to when out shopping? when i go thrifting, if i see something with sequins, beads or bedazzlements of any kinds i always grab it. i can't resist the sparkles. so shiny and pretty and fun! (speaking of which, i got an amazing vintage sequined and beaded top to wear for my birthday dinner this weekend! pics to come! i also tried on these great vintaged beaded pumps that were, sadly, a bit too big. now i can't stop thinking about them and am kicking myself for not buying them! they might fit one of my sisters! we could sell them at two birds! someone should have them. ugh. i may have to go back today...). anyway...after stumbling across these sweet numbers today on etsy i may have a new thrifting obsession...

peacock feathers!

aren't these amazing? i love them. i am determined to find some or something like them (hopefully for much less!). 

until then, here are some more lovely items i found featuring peacock feathers! 

vintage chenille bedspread

decorative light (so tacky and amazing!)


  1. LOVE the peacock feathers! Those shoes are amazing! We used them in our wedding decor and now I'm obsessed. Just purchased a vintage shirt with peacock feathers today!

  2. go back and get those shoes for me =)

  3. I really like the first pair of shoes. you should go back to the store and see if your shoes are still there!

    ~Em K

  4. i know! i will try and go back tomorrow and see if the shoes are still there. fingers crossed!

  5. I asked for those Peacock feather tights for my birthday. I am not sure my dad knows how to order stuff online, though, unfortunately. Love those!!! Maybe I will get them for myself as a belated birthday gift?? :)

  6. Those white flats are too cute!

  7. Wow, who knew peacocks were so popular! I love the chenille bedspread! This post is fun, informative, and fashionable!